Becoming an Artist

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“I had two passions growing up. Animals and art.”

“I always wanted to be an artist but found college to be too structured so I left school and went to Europe with a girlfriend and only a backpack. I wanted to go to the famous museums, see the paintings of the great artists. Be inspired. Little did I know that I would end up in the adventure of a lifetime.


It was during this adventure that I found myself in a bazaar in Kabul, Afghanistan where more than two dozen snow leopard pelts were displayed for sale.How I got to Kabul is another wild story .

Now….I’m all of 20 years old. Invincible! So I talk a friend into hiring a pilot to fly us to Kashmir because according to Afghans that was where to find snow leopard. So off we went in an old world war II plane with more duck tape on it than you can shake a stick at. It amazes me that I flew through the Himalayan mountains. Not over top, but through! Today I have such a fear of flying. But we ended up in the most beautiful valley surrounded by  majestic snow covered mountain ranges. Unfortunately, “we never even saw a snow leopard.”

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