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“Global Warming” Young Tiger

“Global Warming” is wildlife artist Laura Mark-Finberg’s original acrylic painting of a young tiger cooling off during the heat of the day. Tigers are one of many cats that love water and therefor are great swimmers.They can often be seen keeping cool during the hot periods of the day. The image size is 16″ x 20″.Contact for price.


German philosopher  Martin Buber stated, “the eyes of the an animal hold a great truth.” Let Laura Mark-Finberg capture that truth in your four-legged protector, your confidant, your trusted companion, your shoulder to cry on, your hunting companion and , in case of cats, your judge.

Inquiries invited.

Joyful Chaos Tigers

These two young Sumatran tigers, like quibbling siblings, roughhouse in the water and learn the skills to survive. Original Acrylic. Image Size is 28″ x 36″ .Contact for price

SHOW STOPPER ( White Tail Buck )

“Show Stopper” an appropriate name for this original painting of a magnificent buck. Image Size is 16 X 20. Was part of the Society Of Animal Artists 2019 Exhibit at the Brisco Western Museum in San Antonio, Tx. Contact for price. Also available as a giclee reproduction

The Awakening

This original acrylic painting of a young Sumatran tiger is 11″ x 14″. Framed size is  18″ x 21″.  The tigers are also available in a limited edition of 100 signed & numbered on canvas..


“Timeless” is an acrylic painting depicting rock art estimated to be 10,000 yeas old. The image size is 16″ x 20″ Contact for price

Under The Acacia

The two young male African lions share some shade from the hot afternoon sun. This original acrylic painting measures 18″ x 24″. Framed size is 28″ x 34″ . Contact for price.