Silent Flight

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The painting of a great horned owl is done in a more impressionistic style, capturing the silent flight of this great predator. In this painting Laura Mark-Finberg returns to a more mystical theme, similar to her first, visit in ” Moon Dancer “. moondancerIronically, that painting was also of a great horned owl. The title of this painting refers to the Greek winged god of the north wind.  “I want the viewer to feel the turbulence, the rippling and ripping of the atmosphere as the owl moves towards it’s prey. I find movement very interesting in terms of time and space. In the painting “Moon Dancer” I wanted to paint time and movement. Not just in the physical sense, but a move towards self actualization, a psychological “becoming”. If you look, as it moves forward on the canvas the owl changes in regards to opaqueness and detail.

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