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Tucquan Blue


This 16″ x 22″ original acrylic painting is really a tribute to all the beautiful streams and gorges running through the southern part of Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. Tucquan Glen is a favorite place for many hikers. It is quite common to find herons fishing the banks. Framed with an elegant imported walnut burle. SOLD



Young Hunter


A giclee on canvas of an immature red-tailed hawk it was inspired by a late evening walk near our home in southern Lancaster county. A beautiful sunset, oranges and reds, cast the warmth across the kahaki colors of fall. The evening mist had just begun  rising from the earth. And there in front of us a young bird,frozen, deciding on plan B as it was apparent plan A had not worked out.  100 signed & numbered. Image Size 16″ x 20″,.. Each frame size is 24″ x 28″. Or if you prefer we can stretch it and ship it to you ready to be placed in a standard size or custom fame.