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A Frosty Morning Fox

A new original acrylic painting by Laura Mark-Finberg . With its’ regal winter coat the fox stands out against the snow and ice of a frosty morning as it looks for prey.

Painting size is 9 x 12. Framed size 14 x 17. SOLD

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A Predator’s Stare


New original Acrylic painting . Image Size 12″ x 16″. A young lynx has an encounter with a preying mantis. SOLD

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A Song Of Freedom

Original Acrylic . The Image Size is 24″ x 36″. Framed size is 30 x 42. SOLD

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After The Storm

An original acrylic painting  inspired by a trip to Yellowstone that was remarkable because we were able to sit and watch this eagle fish the Madison river , spar with an ospry  who, unbelievably , counted coupe with its’ wing on the eagles head before flying away screaming.But what was great is that there was no one else around. One of those wonderful shared memories. The Image size is 18″ x 24″ Comes with a certificate of authenticity  Framed Size approx. 28″ x 34″ As always exquisitely framed. SOLD

Backyard Companions


Beautiful acrylic paintings capturing summer garden visitors. Each is 6″ x 6″, framed 9″ x 9″. By both or one. SOLD

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Between A Rock and

When I read anecdotal accounts of badgers emerging from holes they have excavated through blacktopped pavement and two inch thick concrete it gave me the idea to paint her among a bunch of rocks and play up the textural contrasts between the two. I love painting the predators. German philosopher, Martin Buber, once said, ” the eyes of an animal speak great truths.” I’ve always believed that and it has always been my goal to capture that truth. The badger in the painting lives a grumpy life in Montana. That is the truth.

The original painting of this American badger was selected for “The Society Of Animal Artist” Annual Exhibit and will be at the Wildlife Experience Museum outside of Denver until Nov.2014. SOLD


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An original acrylic painting by artist, Laura Mark-Finberg. Image Size 11″ x 14″. The painting of a great horned owl is done in a more impressionistic style, capturing the silent flight of this great predator. In this painting Laura returns to a more mystical theme, similar to her first, visited in “ Moon Dancer “. Ironically, that painting was also of a great horned owl. The title of this painting refers to the Greek winged god of the north wind.  As always, exquisitely framed. SOLD