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“Global Warming” Young Tiger

“Global Warming” is wildlife artist Laura Mark-Finberg’s original acrylic painting of a young tiger cooling off during the heat of the day. Tigers are one of many cats that love water and therefor are great swimmers.They can often be seen keeping cool during the hot periods of the day. The image size is 16″ x 20″.Contact for price.

Afternoon Repose MT. Lion

An original acrylic painting Image Size 11″ x 14″. “Afternoon Repose” shows this panther in a relaxed position but always the eyes are on alert. Contact for price.

Great Horned Owl Family


Peeking out from the old sycamore, the Great Horned owl family  keeps watch on both predator and prey. Image size 14″ x 18″. Framed in a walnut burled frame.

In The Timber

A beautiful original Acrylic painting. Image Size 24″ x 36″. Perfect above the mantle or a rustic fireplace. Framed size is 34″ x 48″. Laura Mark-Finberg captures the power and the presence of the massive elk.

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Kingdom Of Heaven Snow Leopard

From memories past, Laura Mark-Finberg brings, “Kingdom Of heaven”  an original acrylic painting based on her excursions in Kashmir in search of  snow leopard.

Image Size 24″ x 36″. Framed 33″ x 45″ :This painting is being offered for sale by the owner. Inquiries Welcome

Sand Wash Basin Colt


A beautiful oil painting of a young colt from the Sand Wash Basin mustang heard in northwestern Colorado. Image size 9″ x 12″:

Under The Acacia

The two young male African lions share some shade from the hot afternoon sun. This original acrylic painting measures 18″ x 24″. Framed size is 28″ x 34″ . Contact for price.

Up Close Bison

A close encounter with a bison on canvas is much better than in person! This original acrylic painting measures 18″ x 24″. Framed size 28″ x 34″, Contact for price.

Young Tigers


NEW PAINTING. These young tigers won’t be around long. Image size is 16 x 20.